Transportation specialized in liquids, hazardous materials, food grade and bulk
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Our company was founded in 1967 with the mission to meet the growing demand for transportation of liquids to domestic and international industry, providing quality service. Supported by highly qualified and committed to our goal, always looking for continuous improvement and working progress of our country.

We understand the current requirements and future market demands involving competitive improvement, so we strive to be at the forefront of technology, both in equipment and human resources, allowing us to stay in the market and be recognized within the carriers most prestigious.

Our commitment is to provide a quality service, which is a reflection of our philosophy, satisfying the customer at all times.

We are a service company, we exist only if we satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of:    

It is the policy of Transportes Auto Tanques Ochoa SA de CV perform comprehensive specialized transport services, being highly committed to satisfying the requirements of our customers and their products, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements, for this we perform our processes with quality, safety, sustainability, safeguarding health, safety and environment.

We are aware that our commitment to communication, innovation, compliance with established goals and continuous improvement are key to maintain our leadership and the satisfaction of our clients.

Managing Director

Compliance with timely delivery and quality.
Equipment in good repair and cleanliness.
Responsible and trained operators.
Competitive costs.
Services to clients.
All this we achieve through teamwork and continuous innovation.
Quality is committed to all of us in this organization.
The process of continuous improvement, quality and productivity can only be carried out with the help of all its members.
The quality is innovating.
Quality is scientific and factual.
The quality is done to satisfy the customer.
Truth, Integrity, Service and Quality.    
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